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INTELLITRACK TRACKING is a Microsoft Windows database system designed to help you store, track, locate and manage stock, tools, literature, equipment, or anything else you want to keep track of. We have included reports, fields, and features to allow you to know who has what and where. To these features we have added an open architecture which will allow for customization, upgrading, and interfaces to other applications.

Customization can be performed by anyone with the proper Microsoft Access tools and expertise. Available in 16 and 32 bit versions, INTELLITRACK TRACKING has been created specifically for Microsoft Windows 3.11 and Windows 95.

INTELLITRACK TRACKING is a cost effective means of entering the efficient world of Automated Data Collection. Combine INTELLITRACK TRACKING with portable bar code data collection, keyboard wedge bar code scanning, and on-demand bar code label printers; and you create a turnkey information system that is tailor made for your data collection and data management needs.

INTELLITRACK TRACKING includes pre-formatted bar code label templates for the industry’s most popular label print and design software (BarTender for Windows & Label Matrix). These templates are already linked to INTELLITRACK TRACKING database for printing item, location, and user ID labels.


Supports portable data collection with:
Bar Code label templates and links for:
Reads all major bar code symbologies

Manage an unlimited number of items.

Manage an unlimited number of locations.

Manage an unlimited number of users.

History logging for complete audit trail.

Full import/export capabilities.

Automated upload/download of programs and data to and from data terminals.

Extensive queries and reports included.

Multiple user definable fields.

Item usage tracking, for planning.

Multiple security levels.

Easy customization.

A complete turnkey system.

Sixty (60) days 800# support.

Annual support contracts available.

Customization contracts available.

Cost effective.

Use it to check in/out items, locate items, take physical inventory, identify missing items, manage consumable stock.

Minimum System Configuration

16 bit 486 IBM Compatible

32 bit Pentium IBM Compatible


DISK 20 MB Hard Drive Space

O/S Windows 3.11 or Windows 95

Download Demo Version

Download a free INTELLITRACK demo (3.8M)
(by Percon, Inc.)
To order, type in the quantity that you want, then hit the "Add to Order" button.
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