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Keystroke Point of Sale

Keystroke Point of Sale is a computer software program that enables a standard PC to operate as a cash register. While Keystroke offers faster and more powerful features than a cash register, it also provides you and your sales clerks a system that is easy to learn and operate.

Product Overview:
Sales Management

Sales are entered using a combination of simple on-screen forms and traditional cash register functions, as well as bar code scanning, customizable keys, keyboard entry, etc. An entire invoice can be entered in as few as three keystrokes! As each sale or layaway is completed, inventory levels are immediately adjusted and all details of the transaction are recorded; information is stored indefinitely and may be retrieved to verify purchases, reprint receipts, and include in sales analysis reports.

Customer Tracking

With each sales transaction, the user has the option to enter a new customer, and existing customer or no customer at all. Multiple pricing levels and tax rates are supported for your different customers. Reports can be generated on "who is purchasing what" as well as helping you with direct mail advertising and better customer service. This makes it easy to monitor who is shopping and what they are buying by maintaining a complete customer database at the sales counter.

Invoicing and Billing

Integrated invoicing and billing functions provide flexibility beyond that of any electronic cash register. With Keystroke you can offer customers the convenience of charge accounts without the worry of maintaining and elaborate back-office accounting system. Keystroke’s Accounts Receivable includes modified billing statements (open item or balance forward), adjustable aging periods, finance charge calculations, and automatic or itemized payment processing.

Inventory Control

Keeping a tight handle on inventory can be the key to success for most retailers. This software will help you accurately track over 30,000 items with up-to-the-second item information allowing you to monitor movement and current status of your inventory. Using fast and flexible look-up functions, or optional bar code scanning, you can easily check prices and stock levels without leaving the front counter; helping you optimize your inventory and reduce theft.

Purchasing and Receiving

Generating purchase orders is as easy as entering sales. A unique automatic ordering feature will save you hours every week by creating suggested orders for each vendor based upon reorder points and current stock levels. Detailed sales reports will help you determine where inventory funds are best used. When inventory is received, the software automatically updates the quantity on-hand and average cost of each item.

Accurate Reports

Keystroke’s unique design and data storage techniques provide easy access to all reports with up to the second accuracy. Sales reports can be printed over any period such as daily, weekly or monthly; and sent to the printer, screen or a disk file. Whether it is gross profit, sales tax collected, sales commissions, current accounts receivable, or a departmental inventory listing with average cost, price, and stock-level, Keystroke can give you the reports you need.

Optional Modules

Required Hardware

Optional Hardware

Download Demo Version

Download a free Keystroke demo (412K)

(software by Specialized Business Solutions)
To order, type in the quantities of the items that you want, then hit the "Add to Order" button.
Item Description Price QTY:
SBS-Key1 SBS- Keystroke Point of Sale Single User 895.00
SBS-Key3 SBS- Keystroke Point of Sale 3 User Network 1295.00
SBS-Key1/3 SBS- Keystroke Upgrade Single User to 3 User Network 
(Serial# of Single User License Required)
SBS-KeyN+ SBS- Keystroke Network Additional User License 
(Serial# of 3-User Network required)
SBS-KeyGL SBS- Keystroke General Ledger Link 95.00
SBS-KeySE SBS- Keystroke Script Editor 95.00
SBS-KeyPR SBS- Keystroke Production 95.00
SBS-KeyIMP SBS- Keystroke Importer 95.00
SBS-KeyUB SBS- Keystroke User Bundle 295.00
SBS-KeyMS SBS- Keystroke MultiStore (One copy required per chain of stores) 495.00
SBS-EDC SBS- Keystroke EDC Electronic Draft Capture 495.00

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